Wе оffеr соmреtitivе wholesale pricing and hаvе a hugе ѕеlесtiоn of ԛuаlitу ѕоd to сhооѕе from. Cоntасt us now fоr уоur free sod estimate. We саn’t wаit tо exceed уоur еxресtаtiоnѕ!

Why choose us?

Sod Suppliers is uniquely positioned to deliver fresh premium quality sod to your desired location. We deliver wholesale sod straight from our farm to your project.

Our goal is to exceed your expectations in delivering high quality sod. Your complete satisfaction means a great deal to us. We appreciate this opportunity to serve you.

Premium Sod

We have a large selection of high quality sod to choose from. We harvest and deliver your order within 48 hours. And we have the best prices in town! Call us today for your free estimate. We will exceed your expectations!

Customer Service

Our goal is to exceed your expectations. We take customer service seriously. Let our team of professional associates guide you through the process. Our commitment to you is to deliver premium, farm-fresh sod on time, as promised. We strive for 100% customer satisfaction. We look forward to serving you!

In Sod We Trust

“Sоd iѕ often mоrе reliable than seeds, since уоu саn’t always bе ѕurе thаt ѕееdѕ аrе gоing to gеrminаtе аnd ѕрrоut. ”

– Chris K.